Spring Teams

Spring Teams 12 / 13 Season Plans:

We are currently interviewing coaches for the 12/13 season that will coach the birth year teams throughout the fall season that will also include spring 2012 tournaments.

What does this mean for the Amateur Penguins/Junior Penguin spring teams?    Our fall tryouts will be held in April 2012 and immediately following tryouts the teams will compete in top AAA spring tournaments and continue together through the fall 12/13 season.  Many of the country's top birth year teams stay together throughout the off season to build on the previous seasons success and/or development. We would also like to capitalize on that and allow the players to continue to grow together as a team.  Having the players continuously "restart" in August delays the teams growth in some cases.

Building the fall teams in April will allow the players to compete together as a team in spring tournaments and continue that development through the fall.

For the 00' Birth year team this will allow the players to immediately begin their schedule and build for the Quebec 2013 invitational.   

Coaches for the birth year teams will be selected based upon their ability to teach and develop the players skill for the next level as well as full commitment to the team and their respective schedules.  The process for selecting the "right" coach for the team is important to the team's success and players growth. We take this process very seriously and would like to  complete the process of on ice and office interviews for each birth year to select the proper coach for the team. All coaches for the 12/13 season will be announced prior to tryouts for each birth year team. This coach will begin April 2012 and continue through March 2013

If you are interested in receiving tryout details and dates for any of our birth year teams, please email treasurer@amateurpenguins.com or scholze2@comast.net for additional details.